I’ve spent my career writing for brands that are undergoing the process of rediscovery. Each company presented new challenges and different ways of using my skills as a writer to meet those challenges.

Harry & David

I joined joined the creative team in the early phase of rebuilding and recovering from bankruptcy. The objective was to reignite trust and enthusiasm for the 80-year-old brand. The creative direction centered around the company’s Pacific Northwest heritage and nostalgic legacy. I worked to unite the brand voice under that direction and evolve the content strategy to support an omni-channel brand experience from product copy to social media to printed catalogs.

Paula’s Choice Skincare

Though the company had been around for 20 years, the brand recognition was incredibly small.
I joined the creative team as the company’s first-ever copywriter a year after heavy investment by a large firm. At the time, they were launching their first print ad campaigns, redesigning their website, and developing a brand that could compete in the mainstream beauty industry. During my time there, the brand look and voice went through several explorations and evolutions. I was able to develop multiple brand voice iterations and strategies spanning from product naming to packaging to website and marketing content.

Tommy Bahama

Under fresh creative direction, I joined the creative team at a pivotal point in the brand’s lifespan. Known for its kitschy, male-orientated feel, the company was undergoing a shift to be more relevant to female customers and reposition themselves as a lifestyle brand that could offer a holistic island aesthetic. On the writing team, I worked to elevate the brand voice and support of myriad of new initiatives including a large format catalog program, a more modern website strategy, and a new robust email program.