When my friends and family need a help in the dating world, I always offer my skills. Both of these dudes are now in committed, happy, live-in relationships. And yeah, I might take a little credit for that. 

Hey I’m Andrew.

I’m going to be honest. I have a pretty kick ass life. And that’s not a douchey thing to say, it’s just true. Aside from the whole relationship happiness thing, even I’m jealous of it sometimes.

I live in Seattle. Have for about 7 years now. I make video games for a living. It’s awesome. I’ve gotten to travel all over the world for it and I genuinely love what I get to do everyday.

On the weekends I’m in the mountains riding. I’ve done downhill racing since high school and made it a goal ever since to live in places where the mountains are in sight and the races are frequent.

My new favorite thing is a big red truck I like to call Clifford. It holds all my bikes and an obese family of five. Just don’t make fun of my parking skills. I’m working on it.

In the off months I ski, go to a lot of concerts and generally just do my thing. I’m a pretty laid back guy. But be warned, if a plane flies over while we’re making out on the couch, I will become giddy, stop everything and go outside to look. I can’t explain it. I was born this way.

A relationship with me includes access to over 30 amazing playlists crafted by yours truly (I pretty much brought sexy back to the mixed tape), bitchin’ BBQ dinners (BBQ not included) and wilderness skills (that’s right. I’m an Eagle Scout. Tell your parents.)

Wanna date?




I’m Josh. Some people call me Renn (that’s my middle name) others call me Joshua (mostly when I’m in trouble) but I answer to just about anything. Including Hodor.

I’m originally from Southern Oregon but I moved up to the Seattle area last year for big kid city job. The Pacific Northwest is where it’s at, but I do head down SoCal whenever my Vitamin D levels tank.

During the 9 to 5 hours, I’m a full time graphic designer. So when we hang out and my shoes match my shirt and my apartment is spotless, it’s not because I’m OCD. I’m just crippled by a love for color palettes and white space.

After work and on the weekends I’m probably more active than is healthy. I love the gym. Like, seriously. I love the gym. My current friend group is mostly made up of my spotting partners. But they’re great people. Really.

I like most of the sports and outdoor things. I was supposed to be an International Soccer Superstar but that didn’t go exactly as planned. Don’t worry. I have big plans for my future son.

In my perfect world, all the food groups would consist of sugar and everyone would be a comedian. I would also be able to clone myself so I could work out, play soccer, lounge on my couch and work for 10 different athletic brands all at the same time. I also think it would be neat to have a tail. And a girlfriend.

Wanna date?