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lead copywriter

Excerpts from the  Brand Style Guide.


Let's start at the very beginning, the very reason we exist, the why. Why we do what we do is our cause, our purpose. Understanding and communicating from the inside out will inspire our consumers and ourselves.


We believe products should be effective and do what they promise.


By focusing on scientific research-based solutions, honesty, transparency, and knowledge sharing.


We provide guaranteed skincare products and expert skincare advice so customers can make the best choices for their skin.

in our own words

Defining our brand's tone and staying true to it make our message indelible. Here's a quick reference guide to write like us.

BE direct

Is this the best eye cream on the market? Yes. So let's say that.

be positive

Most of our customers have a problem and we have the answer. Let's share it.

be true

No, you can't look ten years younger in ten minutes. But you can have healthier, younger-looking skin.

be clear

We know why it works. So let's share our knowledge in a way that everyone can understand.

be empowering

We offer a way for people to take control of their skin. Our voice is encouraging and helpful.


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